Passion for Wind and Water

SINCE 1994

Tinker, hobbyist, inventor and technician with all his body and soul.

Max Ziegler, a trained mechanical engineer, sailor, windsurfer, surfer and kiter since immemorial time. With 23 independently made. He surfed all spots of the world, tough workaholic and fanatic water sportslover. Max lives with Ana, his son Lukas and their cat Lola in Tarifa.

Born in 1996 from the sail-making company South End Sails, in which BULL founding member ,Max Ziegler, was already operating. As then as now, the focus of Bull is on windsurfing, kitesurfing (since 2001) and surfing. The long-time development work, also done for other companies, has taken on a key position for theBull project. Research and development, both in the theory and practice field, remain our core competence. A state-of-the-art 3D software is used to design our products, in conjunction with an extensive machine park. We are therefore able to produce countless prototypes, individual products, small series as well as mass production in our factory in Asia.

Everything concerning watersports evolved during time over time further activities. So today, in our Headquarters in Tarifa, we offer also a repair service for kites, sails, boards and accessories, a modern equipped kite and surf school which is open all year long as well as a spacious shop with all kinds of kite, windsurf, surf and SUP components. Our own beachware collections complete the offer for the more fashion-conscious customers.

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