Power Bar Wave

Below-the-Bar Trim

The current version of the BULL Power Bar Wave combines quality and simple operation. All parts are designed for durability and safety. The basic elements are made of stainless steel and plastic injection, molded with 60 percent fiber content.

Our anodized, bottom-mounted CLAMCLEAT® brand terminal securely holds the depower line without damaging it.

The wear resistance of LIROS® ’s 5.6mm depower line cannot be beaten. The extra-long depwer allows you a complete sheeting and an extra portion of security. If the depower is limited, simply use the stopper.

The high-strength LIROS® quality lines we install are characterized by a particularly low weight and minimal air resistance due to the reduced line diameter.
Front lines: LIROS® DC-PRO 1.5mm (grey)
Back lines: LIROS® DC-PRO 1.1mm (red/green)

The Power Bar Wave is available in 50cm or 55cm size.
Price: 329,-

Tech Features

What Length Should I ride? (Line length in meters)

Wave 19–23m

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